I Will Make A Way-God

I Will Make A Way-God. I found this picture on our Facebook page and thought I would take a few minutes to talk about what this means to me.

God has made a way for me many times and even when I thought I wouldn’t be able to get through the day. I have been so blessed in life and could never thank him enough for being with me everyday and everywhere that I go.

It’s awesome that I am able to have a family that loves me and a place that I can call home.

I have been a little bit down the last few days as I was getting a pretty good stream of traffic to this website and then it suddenly dropped off & went back down to almost nobody again.

I feel like I am pretty dedicated to making this site the best it can possibly be, but nothing can replace the amount of time that you have had a website for getting any true organic traffic.

This feels like I’m playing a waiting game right now and I keep wishing that I could instantly make this site a couple of years older tonight.

I will try to keep posting at least every couple days and hope that you will like our Facebook page and check out the site for more articles.

I would eventually like to make some extra money from this site with Google Adsense and Amazon but also hope that I can help someone out along the way. If I am able to reach one person that is having a hard time, it is worth it.

Hope you all have a blessed week and keep me and my family in your prayers as well. Life can be hard and keeping your faith can be tough.

I truly believe that everything will eventually work out with time and hope that I can have the strength to keep going with this website.

I love to write and create new things like this site but feeling like a pebble in the infinity of cyberspace can be pretty overwhelming too.

You have probably had the same feeling, if you have owned a new website. It seems that it is a constant battle of wondering how and when you will ever start to get more website traffic.

All well, maybe I will look back on this one day and think about what it was like before I was read and everyone has their start somewhere.

This site has become somewhat of a personal journal for me anyways and at least I can write down all of the things that I have on my mind.

Hope you all enjoyed this article and help us get a better amount of readers by sharing this site and following our feed to read new posts.







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